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April 20/21 Banka Banka station

April 23, 2022 - Reading time: 2 minutes

500kms today – this was probably our longest days driving for the trip. Up at 7 we hit the road at 7.30am 12 kms from the NT border. The road was in pretty good condition and we sat on 90 kms/hr to maximise fuel consumption and the tail wind. The Barkly (besides being an excellent durif from Campbell’s at Rutherglen) was in extraordinary condition! Mitchell grass aplenty, cattle grazing and thousands of budgies swooping alongside the road and the tablelands as far as the eyes could see. The best we have ever seen it,. Image description

Lovely Bacon and egg burger at the Barkly Homestead (wouldn’t recommend the coffee) We hit the Stuart Highway just after 1 pm and made our way to Banka Banka Station 75kms north. Very pleased with the fuel economy hitting just 12.4 per 100kms over 500kms.

Banka Banka – birds, bar, beautiful spot for a night or two. Image description

Up early and had a good walk out to the waterhole. Very rugged escarpment and we unfortunately came across a baby’s grave – a still birth in 1999. It is amazing how isolated the folks who work on these properties are! I can just imagine the agony the poor people went through!

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