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May 26 – 29 Kununurra Waterfronts caravan Park

June 10, 2022 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Short 60 minute drive into Kununurra, handed over the honey as expected and our rubbish at the quarantine station.

Proceeded to spend $700 in just over 2 hours! Diesel, car wash, park fees and then the food restock. Sounds bad but in reality we had not shopped and refuelled for just on four weeks.

Had a wonderful site, overlooking Lake Kununurra next to Maureen’s brother Chris and his wife Dianne. Made use of the pool and had a great dinner and chat with the odd glass of wine. Luckily, we had a casserole prepared with all our veggies from the NT as we were surprised with the sun going down at 5pm!

Kununurra has lovely markets every Saturday morning in the dry season, and we managed to grab Libby a very unique counting book! Visited the Sandalwood Factory and the Hoochery Distillery were I managed to get two bottles of rum!

Joined with Chris for a lovely walk through Mirima National Park on the outskirts of town. Tremendous views and another introduction to the dome geology of the Kimberley region. On our return Di had cooked a great Roast Pork! Stunning meal

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