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May 29 -31 Waldari campground, Purnululu National Park

June 10, 2022 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Wonderful Purnululu! A national treasure – 4 hours south west of Kununurra three hours on bitumen and 70 kms of dirt that takes an hour and a half – if you push it!

Waldari is the southern campground located close to Cathedral Gorge and the famous domes of the Bungles. We set up camp, and spent the remainder of the afternoon planning our stay.

An early breakfast, to avoid the heat of the day we headed into Cathedral Gorge, up to z Lookout and up the creek towards the window in Piccaninny Gorge. It was as impressive this time as on our previous visits.

Organised a helicopter flight for Maurs over the area to get the topographical view, but I once again chickened out! Maurs loved it- no doors-yeh! Surprisingly the weather began to change and the clouds moved in, creating a much warmer night than expected! Echidna Chasm and Homestead valley provided excellent walks in the Northern section under the overcast skies.

Lots of cloud, a bit of thunder but thankfully only a few spots of rain as we prepared to depart. The drive out was interesting – dusty, bull dust, changed to a slippery road surfaces and much deeper water crossings with steep entry and exit points made for a interesting drive as did getting stuck behind a number of very slow and wide vehicles.

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