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April 29 -30 May 1

May 16, 2022 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Rolled into Timber Creek around 10 ish as it is only 90 kms from Victoria River Roadhouse. Set up with power again to try and keep the batteries in good condition with only one solar panel. The new one should arrive around May 10. Caught up with the head Ranger Tom Manuel to undertake our induction as Camp Hosts. Spent the remainder of the day, swimming in the pool to keep cool. This became a trend over the next two days. Huge fishing competition here this weekend and fortunately for us we are in the caravan park not hosting! Bullita Station is around 50 kms from Timber Creek on a very dusty and bumpy road. It is now part of the Judbarra (pronounced as Jutberra) National Park and the gateway for a number of quite challenging 4 wheel driving tracks. It also gives an insight to how these stations operated from the 1920’s through to the 1980’s – it is extremely well done.

Jasper Gorge was both a highlight and a disappointment! In 2018 we found here an amazing Boab tree that was humming with a native bees nest – the tree was enormous and we were very keen to see it again. We did but it had died! So sad. The escarpments in Jasper Gorge are probably the most spectacular that I have seen – steep, rugged, rock strewn, Livistonia palms on the ridges, with a pandanus lined creek running through the centre. It is superb!

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