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May 2 -22 Campground hosts Big Horse Campground Judbarra/ Gregory National Parks

May 27, 2022 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Camp hosting, cleaning toilets, picking up litter, clearing fire places, talking to strangers – bloody good fun really! We met some wonderful people, got some excellent fishing advice ( no fish though) and had a very relaxed three weeks except for the NT National Parks online booking system, which to be polite has been a bit of a disaster.

Simply put the system was designed for a desktop or laptop computer, which most campers do not carry with them. On phones it is extremely difficult ( almost impossible) to navigate to change the park selection from Litchfield. In addition, many of the parks do not have internet or phone reception and hence it is impossible to book prior to arrival. Maureen in particular sent hours trying to navigate the system in an attempt to overcome some of the ishad by the time they arrive had a number of failed attempts to book and the frustration was high. Fortunately we ha (due to Maureen’s work) helped them to understand the system. However, the issue has taken much of the gloss of ‘being the public face’ of the NT Parks as camp hosts. I feel very sorry for those poor folks who are camp hosts in areas without phone or internet connectivity!

I should stress that the rangers we have worked have been brilliant!

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