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June 5 – 12 Urban Retreat & Knuckey’s Lagoon Darwin

June 12, 2022 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Seven days and nights- old friends, old haunts and good times.

It is hard to explain how much Darwin means to both of us! We met here, got engaged here, lived here as a married couple for the first time! Obviously, we still have many friends here – even if we left thirty six years ago.

The last week has been a special time, catching up with so many significant friend’s from the past.

We did a few touristy things, visiting the Museum, Mindil Markets and catching up with a past student student Mick(Mick’s Whips), the Mall etc and had a great day on the Adelaide River jumping crocodile tour, which we would both highly recommend. If you ever get the chance to visit Darwin we would both highly recommend catching the sunset and a meal at the Trailer Boat club!

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